Cookieswil: Natural food manufacturers for dogs and cats

Dehydrated food, homemade cookies and BARF diets to take care of your pet's health

Natural food

Food for dogs and cats

We have designed our feeds in collaboration with nutritionists for all types of dogs and cats. It is a new concept of power, formulated by veterinarians and nutritionists specialized in dogs and cats.

Dieta Barf

Dieta Barf

Dietas B.A.R.F: (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) Fresh and balanced products for dogs of all ages with noble parts of Veal, Ostrich and Chicken.

Cookies and Snacks

Cookies for Dogs and Cats

Cookies & snacks for dogs and cats Cookieswil are made exclusively with fresh, organic and hipoarlérgicos ingredients to protect the health of our pets.

Custom food

Custom Food

Cookieswil also make our handicrafts personalized upon request with a minimum of 5 Kg.

Why choose Cookieswil pet food?

  • Our feed for dogs and cats are natural and super premium quality with a natural and unique taste!
  • Our feeds are made using traditional methods and they are fit for human consumption.
  • Our food for dogs and cats is ideal for the digestive system, intestinal flora and allow proper assimilation of nutrients.
  • Cookieswil food improves the energy and vitality of your dog, reinforcing its defenses.
  • Feeding your pets with our food, you will notice visible improvements in a short time of the skin and the hair.
  • You will notice a reduction in stool: smaller and less frequent.
  • Cookieswil dog and cat food favors muscle mass, the nervous system and ensure your pet's ideal weight.
  • Dehydrated feed reduces the weight of the load and packages are reduced to save space in the purchase and storage at home.
  • Our food for dogs and cats contain high quality protein that comes from the noble parts of chicken, lamb and salmon, provide the nutrients that dogs and cats need.
  • Cookieswil dog and cat foods contain beneficial fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 6.
  • Our feed contains super foods like Chia seeds and Spirulina.
  • Among our feed you will find specific varieties for allergy sufferers, puppies, lactating mothers or pregnant women.

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Benefits of Dehydrated Food

Cookieswil is a Spanish brand of pet food containing a wide range of feed, crackers and snacks made of homemade form for dogs and cats. All our products are made of natural, artisan and processed without artificial ingredients or form. Cookieswil is also a natural food of high quality with which you will ensure feed your pets with the best products. All orders Cookieswil biscuits are made in the time manually, providing vitamins, minerals, protein and carbohydrate. Does your pet has any food allergies or a special diet? Contact us to customize your order.

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