About us


Cookieswil is a new and different project. It is born with a very clear philosophy, to provide a truly natural and healthy food supplement for pets.

Nowdays there are hundreds of brands of specialized food for dogs and cats, there are many snacks and food supplements on the market, some very good and made with acceptable products, but practically all are processed industrially with many artificial ingredients. In Spain we always say that we are lucky to eat very well, but what about our pets?

This is the question that the team that forms cookieswil have asked ourselves many times. Made in Spain products are valued throughout the world and the gastronomy, food and Spanish cuisine is the best of all, but why is not the same for our pets? We are a young team that love with madness animals, we have always liked pastry and we are very good cooking only with homemade products, traditional, quality and from our land, with a climate and national products totally natural products.

Our passion is nutrition and to know the products that are really healthy and avoid the artificial and processed, that's why we have created a product made at home, in our own kitchen in an artesanal way.. For many years we have had pets and we have different dogs of different sizes, races or crosses of all kinds, with different concerns and needs, they are the first ones to try our pet biscuits and give us their first opinion. Our veterinarian also helps us with everything related to health, food-borne diseases and restrictions for animals with limitations.


But the team of cookieswil grows every day, because we are more and more people with different specialties in the animal world that we collaborate to bring something better for our pets, for their activity, with their fun, hygiene, behavior and above all , In the feeding for dogs and cats. Thank you for trusting us. 



Clinica Habitat In this exciting project, collaborate closely with our veterinarian specialized in canine nutrition and nutrition D. Ignacio Jaime Arranz. Collegiate Nº 3908. Who gives us his specific knowledge in everything related to health problems, food or nutrition for pets.

That's why our homemade artesanal and natural cookies are specially made with the control and review of our expert in the field.

Dogs and cats need a specific diet and specific care depending on each case, age, size or breed. In cookieswil we are very concerned about the health of all pets and we want to provide only really healthy and natural products, always avoiding a low quality product, such as many dog or cat foods industrially processed or processed with artificial ingredients.

Thanks to our veterinarian we also provide snacks with ingredients that animals can eat without any risk to their health. We prepare food for dogs and cats in a traditional way with fresh and 100% natural dog and cat food.


Paseo de los Artilleros, 2

28032 Madrid