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We all know that cats are very demanding with their food, so at Cookieswil we have based on the products that they like to elaborate our cat food, adapting to all tastes and needs.

Dehydrated cat food is made with 100% natural products: with the best pieces of chicken and noodles (breast or thighs) and the freshest vegetables. Thanks to our expert in veterinary nutrition we have formulated our feed specifically designed for cats, without rice or potato, since cats do not assimilate carbohydrates well. Our feline feed provides a high protein quality with all the specific nutrients cats need.

Menú para gatos de pollo y huevo sin cereales
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Mix de Verduras deshidratadas
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Alimento para gatos de pollo y bacalao
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The ingredients in our dehydrated cat food are the same ones you would use to make your own food. But they need high amounts of protein and like us, they prefer it without bones or thorns, without animal by-products. What our mincinos need are, above all, many proteins and high quality .

We dehydrate all these ingredients at low temperature, so that they retain most of their properties and nutrients. Only meats, fish, vegetables and fruits, with special emphasis on those flavors that we know cats like best.

Afterwards, it is only necessary to add a little water at the moment of serving, so that Cookieswil cat food will become a tasty meal that will delight even the most demanding cats.


Good food, healthy and happy cats

This food is very beneficial to the health of our cats. It helps to prevent or improve digestive problems, and you will see a visible improvement in the hair of your animals, a true reflection of your health.

In addition, we are convinced that as soon as your cat tries our food, he will not want to go back to traditional food.