Custom Cookies

In cookieswil we also manufacture our custom-made products, on request and with a minimum of 5 kg.

We can bake homemade dog biscuits with a specific mold and custom label with each client's design . We can make any of our recipes with your brand, design and / or logo or we can make a specific design for each case with our graphic designers.

If you prefer we can prepare a recipe of cookies for dogs or cats to suit you , in consultation with our veterinarians and always maintaining the criteria of natural, healthy and suitable ingredients for all pets. Hypoallergenic, gluten-free, low calorie or organic recipes.

Many of our customers already rely on us to prepare our high-quality cookies with an ad-hoc design, for all types of needs: business gifts, sweepstakes, promotions, hospitality products and other purposes.

If you have an event, a contest, a hotel for dogs, offer services to dog owners, we will prepare you one of our products, contact us and we will prepare a budget for your needs.