1. What is Cookieswill?

Cookieswill is a very new concept of natural, home made feeding for dogs and cats. A meticulously thought out form to feed, really, in a nutural, healthy and easy way all type of dogs and cats of all ages and to specific cases as nursing and pregnan mothers, puppies, alergycs, old , athletes, etc..

2. Why Cookierswill is so healthy and natural for my dog or cat?

Our maximun obssesion is to uses natural productos, with the minimum possible prosecution to obtain the nutrients that the mather nature give to us: enzymes, proteins, vitaminas, minerals, etc.

3. How are the handmade biscuits made?

We are an artesanal cake shop for dogs and cats and we perform in a traditional and homemade way all our biscuits only with natural ingredients. Without additives and conservants, only with fresh productos of high quality : lamb , salmon, chiken, tuna, fruits vegetables etc.

4. What sell expire date have the biscuits Cookies will?

Our biscuits are produced at the moment we receive your request and to expand its conservation are vaccum packaged to last up to six months without opening the container. Once they are opened , stored in an enviorement dry and fresh they last aproximately between 2 y 4 weeks. All our containers contains the expyre date for your security.

5. Are de biscuits Cookieswill very hard? My dog is already old and do not have the theeth well.

We have biscuits formats for every kind of dogs.mini dogs, elderly and big format for dogs of higher size. Also biscuits more softer, as the rice and hazelnuts crackers ,and the award for training or mini dogs.

6. ¿ and the food Cookieswill how is made?

Our deshydrated food of high quality, is done basically deshydrating fresh products, with nobel parts of proteins suitable for dogs and cats: chicken, eggs, salmon … and with fruits and fresh vegetables, carrots, espinah apples etc.,

7. My dog is allergic to gluten , chicken meat and to others meats. ¿what biscuits can I give to him?

We made hypo allergic cookies for dogs without gluten, also biscuits of hake without gluten for dogs allergic to chicken and other meats.

8. ¿In which consist the dehydration?

Dehydration applied to food is a millennial proces, as Roman civilization used it, exposing vegetable and other ingredients to the sun. Currently through high technology techniques the water contained in the food is completely eliminated, so that they are kept more time in perfecto conditions, maintaining all their nutrients. This process is performed at low temperatures to preserve enzymes. carbohydrate, proteins and other nutrients. We incorporate only high quality raw materials.

9. Is water needes to prepare the food?

Yes, this way the ingredients recover their smell, color, texture and natural moisture. You have to mix it with warm water and let it sit for at least 10 minutes to absorb. Once hydrated, the product is like a fresh product and should be consumed at the time.

10. What sell by date have the dehydrated Cookiesqwill?

One of the advantages of dehydrated food, in addition to weight reduction, is that of expiry date, Dehydrated foods have a shelf life longer than another type of food and can reach the year. All our boxes have an expiration date for your safety.

11. My dog and my cat are a bit delicates with food and have a an have a discerning palate. Haveyou small packages to test?

At Cookieswil we do not force anyone to buy large quantities and large containers if they do not wish to, and to test the product for the first time, we have small containers of 50g cookies. We also put at your disposal small containers of 250 gr of Cookieswil dehydrated food. And we do it with all our varieties, so that you find the one that best fits the needs and preferences of your dog or cat.

12. ¿is it good to give more than 40-50% protein in the diet of a dog or a cat?

Dogs and cats are not machines neither they are all alike. Protein intake needs vary according to age, size, health or the state of their lives. But many dogs can and should have a greater supply of protein in their diet, something that other brands and foods do not offer them in the market. Check with your veterinarian for your specific case. In In Cookieswil we also produce varieties with lower protein percentages for dogs or cats with specific problems, such as kidney, for dogs with little activity, elderly, etc ...

13. Should my dog take only a 15% of grease? ¿The grease is also of benefit for dogs?

Fats are important and beneficial to the body of dogs and cats. According to recommendations from many veterinarians and canine and feline nutritionists around the world, as well as the most important European and American associations (such as AAFCO and FEDIAF), dogs, for example, should consume in their diets between 5-15% grease. Without forgetting that the most suitable fats are of quality ingredients and include Omega 3 and Omega 6.

14. What they are and why I should give superfood to my dog or cat?

Superfoods are the most suitable and expensive ingredients that are known today in natural, ecological and high quality nutrition for humans and animals. They have exceptional nutritional properties and are very complete thanks to their varied nutrients. Eating superfoods is one of the best ways to avoid diseases

15. What kind of influence has the food if it is cooked either at low or high temperature?

The ingredients we eat each day are transformed. The food changes from its initial fresh state to a cooked or processed state. This form of processing or cooking is what makes the nutrients of each food survive or not. High temperatures kill the vast majority or all of the essential nutrients: vitamins, enzymes, minerals, proteins, et

16. ¿May I mixture dry dog food with Cookieswill?

We do not intend to make dogs prisoners to eat only our food. You can feed him in the morning with other kind of food and cook cookies at night if you prefer, although it is more convenient to use only one type of food. Our food is compatible It assimilates and digests so well that you can combine it with any meal, as if it were fresh food or homemade food. We only recommend not mixing Cookieswil feed and food in the same shot.

17. My dog is young and still must work the dentures, but the Cookieswil food is not like the feed ¿ Is it good to always give him dehydrated food for this reason?

dogs do not chew food like we do. Usually, most dogs work little the denture, either with the feed or with a dehydrated food. The important thing is the nutritional quality of the product. At Cookieswil we have several types of dog biscuits that will make your dog's teeth work. Thanks to its size, hardness and texture are perfect for this purpose. You can also mix Cookieswil cookies and food in the same food intake

18. Why my dog drinks less water since I give him the natural food Cookkieswoill?

19. ¿whow do I make the change of food to may dog to give him Cookkieswill?

Our food is not a feed and is assimilated and digested perfectly like fresh food. You do not need to make a progressive change as if you change from one feed to another. You can do it the same day, from one shot to another. For example: in the morning you give him his usual feed and at night or at noon you give him his first feeding.

20. I do not like to buy online I prefer to buy it in my habitual shop. ¿Where may I find the Cookkieswilll

Each time you can find our products in more points of sale all over Spain, consult our map of points of sale and locates the one closest to your house. We incorporate new establishments continuously, our map is updated very often.But if you still do not have a distributor near your address, call us by phone or send us an email and we will take note of your order, so that it is more confortable to receive it in your house.

On the Barf diet

21. Expired date

Our barf products are kept in perfect condition for 12 months as long as you keep them in your freezer.

22. ¿Is it a complete food?

Cookieswil fresh feed varieties are a complete food that provides everything necessary for your dog and are perfectly balanced thanks to the supervision of our specialized nutritionist veterinarians.

23. Whow do I change to a Barf Cookieswill diet?

This change you can do immediately, it is not necessary to make a progressive process, we only recommend not to mix your conventional feed with the barf menus in the same shot, although you can alternate with the dehydrated food Cookieswil.

24. How long does it last the Barg bag once it is thawed?

We recommend that your dog consume the product , once thawed, in 24-48 hrs. Always keeping it in the fridge

25. Transport and sending of Barf products.

All the orders that we make with barf diet carry an URGENT 24 HOUR SPECIAL SERVICE WITH OUR TRANSPORT AGENCY. Go to the condition sales for more information.

Shipping & Returns

26. ¿How long it takes to arrive my request online?

We ship daily to any part of the Peninsula, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla. Depending on where you are your order will take more or less to arrive, but always between 3 and 6 days at the most, depending on the destination.

27. ¿I have made a mistake and I want to return the request already received. ¿ May I return the request and be given back the money?

Of course we will do, if you receive your order and you have not opened your package, call us or write us an email and we will start to collect your order and return the money.


28. ¿What is it and in which consist the Cookieswill friend plan?

Surely you are a good neighbor, a good companion a good brother-in-law or in short a good friend, recommends 100% natural Cookieswil food to your relatives and friends .We want to help you convince them, it's easy: if they go to Cookieswil on your part, they get a 5% discount on their first purchase and thanks to each one of them, that are linked to your account for life, you will receive a 5 % Of the amount of each purchase that they make for life. In your account, you have the option to create discount coupons, which you can spread among your friends via email, twitter, Facebook, whatshapp ... as you wish. Our website will recognize the code and will link both friends so that both of you receive the discount. So easy


29. I Have a shop and/or a veterinay shop ¿Do I have to make a big payment to introduce the Cookieswill products?

Our commercial policy is very transparent and comfortable for all establishments. If you have a shop, clinic or online business you do not have to make a minimum order of our products. You can request free samples to try them or simply the packaging you want, to introduce them for sale in your business. If you need more information, contact us by phone or email, one of our commercials will gladly assist you and resolve all your questions.