Loyalty System What is it and what does it consist of?

It is very easy. If you register as a customer with your first order, every time you make a purchase in our online store, you will accrue 3% of the cost of the order (without VAT) for your next purchases.

In the email confirmation of each purchase you will receive a summary of the money you have accumulated.

This balance can be used for discounts on your next orders. Remember you can increase your balance in 2 ways:

1) We add 3% of each order you make, to reward your loyalty.

2) With the Friend Plan CookiesWil.

Register as a customer


The next image is a screenshot of the email you receive with your order details.

Cookieswil's loyalty system

As you can see, this email shows your accumulated balance, which you can use as a discount on future orders. In this example, the accumulated 4.16 € corresponds to 3% of 138.76 € (the amount of the order without VAT).