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In Cookieswil we love food, nutrition and animals. We started making homemade cookies and snacks for dogs and cats, and in view of the excellent reception of our 100% natural products we have expanded our range to cover also the Daily feeding needs of our animals, thanks to Cookieswil's dehydrated dog food.

Our aim is to provide cats and dogs with a healthy diet, adapted to the needs of each animal and of the highest quality. We never use animal by-products, but the same fresh and natural ingredients that you would use for your own food.

That's why they are formulated by veterinary experts in nutrition. In this way we can offer a very wide range of food, for the health of your pet's daily life, as well as snacks and biscuits for dogs and cats; Not only a delight, but also a feed or food supplement of the highest quality.

We talk about ingredients like the ones we eat at home, like what you would buy in the market to make your recipes. Our cookies and snacks are homemade, we make them ourselves.


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Easily switch to Cookieswil

If you are concerned about the change of food for your dog or cat because you are currently giving feed, with Cookieswil you will have no problem in this regard. Unlike feed, which requires a progressive change, you can switch to Cookieswil immediately, from one day to another or even on the same day.

The only thing we do not recommend is to mix the feed you are given them with our feed in the same feed, since conventional feed and the Cookieswil feed are digested differently. Many feeds take up to 12 hours to digest, while the food dehydrated for only 3 hours, so we do not recommend mixing both in the same feed.

As for cookies or snacks, they are an ideal and very healthy food supplement, whether your dog or cat takes our dehydrated food, or if you want to combine it with your current feed.

Giving your dog or cats the products Cookieswil is a change towards the natural, towards health, quickly and without complications.


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