Want to become a distributor?

If you have an animal store, a pet food store, an online store, a veterinary clinic or other related trade, we make it very easy for you in Cookieswil.

You just have to contact us and we will send you some free samples so you can try our homemade pastry for dogs and cats, without any commitment, that simple. Try them yourself, to prove your customers and you can check the quality of this type of homemade food, without any additive, or industrial process and totally natural.

If you want to sell our products in your establishment or your online business we also give you all the facilities to do so. We do not ask you to make a minimum order and you can request the quantities you want, we give you an exhibitor to expose the product (except ecommerce) and we help you in everything you need to sell our Cookieswil dog biscuits.

Contact us and we will contact you to send you samples of homemade biscuits for dogs and cats of different varieties, freshly baked by our specialized baked goods. Our exclusive products can be kept in perfect condition for 6 months, thanks to the vacuum packaging with which we provide the product, always fresh and recent.

We have three types of packages in bags and special boxes, different sizes and we can make personalized recipes or custom orders. To know all the references of cookies for dogs enters in store


Distribuidores Distribuidores


Distribuidores Distribuidores