Barf diet for Dogs

Discover the benefits of our diet Barf for dogs, a natural diet based on raw foods

We introduce the new range of high quality food CookiesWil, our Barf Diet is 100% natural, without by-products, without additives, without cereals, superfoods like natural Chia Seed and noble parts of finely selected high quality proteins.

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What is the Cookieswil Barf Diet?

Cookieswil Barf Diet

At Cookieswil, following our obsession with top quality food and made only with truly 100% natural ingredients, we have launched a new range of fresh and balanced products for dogs of all ages, BARF diets: (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) which is the practice of feeding dogs and cats with raw food. In Spanish the term ACBA (Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods) is used..

For this we have elaborated, with great dedication, special menus, composed only of noble parts of quality proteins , like those we eat, without by-products, without additives And carefully selected, such as: chicken breast, cap, round and red calf smear, ostrich 1st leg meat ... Fresh fruits and vegetables, 0% cereals and including superfoods like The natural Chia Seed .

Our food with biologically appropriate raw ingredients can be mixed with our dehydrated natural food and with our Crackers, since all our Ranges are unprocessed, uncooked foods and have a high digestive value, nutritional and easy assimilation for the body of our pets. Thus you can vary the feeding of your dog respecting his health.

Animate to make you happy, to improve your health and your quality of life, giving you the best possible food.


Benefits for your dog

The natural feed barf diets from Cookieswil is the highest quality you can provide them, for different reasons:

  • It keeps intact all the nutrients of each ingredient in its natural state, without any processing. Proteins, vitamins, enzymes, essential amino acids, etc.
  • It contains the highest quality proteins that we can find today in any local market, because we only incorporate noble parts.
  • It is preserved and served frozen, ensuring hygiene and ideal preservation of the contents.
  • You will notice that they drink less water thanks to the high humidity of the product.
  • They will have more developed their muscles and will reduce their level of fat.
  • It will improve your health as it does not include any additives or chemicals, such as flavorings, preservatives, sweeteners, thickeners, dyes, etc ...
  • It is a food that facilitates an easy digestion for all types of stomachs, and even more appropriate for dogs with some digestive or allergic problems.
  • And not least is its smell and taste, because quality food, fresh and natural, besides having an incredibly attractive taste for our dogs, bring an irresistible smell.
  • You will notice a lot more shine in your hair and a fresher breath.
  • The vitality of your dog will increase and you will have more energy.
  • Their teeth will be cleaner.
  • Their depositions will be more compact and will not have as much odor.

What sets us apart?

We use the noble parts of the ingredients in all its varieties.
Chop meat knife and perform the mix by hand.
We are the only ones who use meat 1st Ostrich.
All our varieties are gluten-free cereal and our variety of Ostrich is hypoallergenic.


How is the Barf Cookieswil diet made?

Dieta Barf Cookieswil

We pack each bag of food by mixing the fresh ingredients, chopped into pieces of different sizes, for dogs of different sizes each ingredient. Immediately we freeze at low temperatures each bag, avoiding any possible contamination of the product, bacteria, germs, toxins, etc ...

We prepare the packages in special EPS insulated thermal boxes, with ice accumulator bags, that allow to keep the product frozen in the transport for a maximum of 24 hrs.

You only have to unfreeze the bag at room temperature or in refrigerator in advance and you are ready to give it to your dog at any time.