Chicken cookies for cats
Cookies for cats

Chicken cookies for cats

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Exclusive and tasty treats for cats, baked cookies with fresh chicken, egg and with a little organic whole wheat flour, a totally artisan food with natural ingredients. A food or a complement for all types of cats, healthy and with a natural flavor that provides specific nutrients to take care of your health with quality products.

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Tuna cookies for cats
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100% natural chicken biscuits for cats

New artisan biscuits for cats, homemade and manually made by our baker using fresh and natural ingredients without additives of any kind, kneading the ingredients by hand and baked slowly in our pastry oven. , Healthy and with artisan processes, without preservatives, dyes, or chemicals of any kind.

Cookies for cats made with boneless fresh chicken breast, eggs, chicken broth and a little whole wheat flour. Cooked in our home oven and for a few minutes to leave them juicy and tender. Vacuum packed to keep all their freshness for a long time.


Available in a vacuum bag of 50 grs.


Ingredients: Skinless fresh boneless chicken breast (54.55%), fresh eggs, whole wheat flour from organic farming, olive oil and homemade chicken broth

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Chicken cookies for cats
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