Natural snack and cookies for dogs

Craft and healthy cookies for your pet, the perfect treat for your dog

Our dog biscuits are made exclusively with fresh, environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic ingredients to take care of the health of our pets. These cookies are the perfect treat for your dog. Use them as a prize are very tasty, juicy and very nutritious you will love it! Try all our varieties.

Galletas sardinas y aceite de salmón
Galletas Atún y aceite de salmón
Bolitas crunch pollo
Bolitas crunch pollo
San Valentín
Galletas hepáticas
Galletas antiparasitarias
Two fruits awards
Banana and Cinnamon Biscuit
Galletas personalizadas
Galletas Arándano y coco
Cookies against bad breath
Cookies for beautiful hair
Clean tooth cookies
Galletas Articulaciones
Perros Senior: Ginkobiloba
Monthly packs dog biscuits
Spinach and salmon cookie
Chicken and turkey sausage awards
Out of stock
Green apple and turkey cookie
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We are sure that your dog would be happy to eat your cookies and snacks , but we all know that is not ideal for them. Our passion is nutrition and we avoid the artificial and processed, so we make natural snacks and crafts , like the ones you would do at home, even as you would do for yourself, but adapted to your needs.

That's why our extensive range of homemade dog snacks are specially made with the control and review of our expert veterinarian in nutrition, so that they can be eaten not only with no risk to their health, but also as an excellent nutritional supplement .

Snacks for dogs

Snacks for dogs

We make snacks without chemical preservatives and without artificial ingredients. What we do use is whole wheat or corn flour and we add chicken, tuna, veal, hake, lamb or salmon, as well as a great variety of vegetables and fruits.

All our cookies are freshly baked and vacuum-packed to enhance their preservation. They are packaged in a vacuum to last up to 6 months without opening the package. Once opened, stored in a dry and cool environment, they last approximately 2 to 4 weeks. All our packaging has an expiration date for your safety.


Custom Snacks for Dogs

Personalized dog cookies

At cookieswil we also manufacture our custom-made products in a personalized way. We can bake homemade dog biscuits with a specific mold and with custom label with the design of each client. If you prefer we can prepare a recipe for cookies for dogs or cats tailor made for you, in consultation with our veterinarians and always maintaining the criteria of natural ingredients, healthy and suitable for all pets.

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