Beef and oat biscuit
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Beef and oat biscuit

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With this beef dog biscuit we wanted to throw the house out the window. One of the favorites and special recipes of our artisan cook that incorporates an authentic ingredient delicatessen not only for dogs, the most tasty and energetic cookies for dogs of our category for adults.

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Beef and oat biscuit for adult dogs

With fresh beef from the national cattle ranch we made this special snack, much more than a simple treat for dogs and a powerful complement to your diet, full of flavor For the most active and athletes dogs, for special moments, between meals or as a premium. Really Awesome !!!


Available in 3 packages of different sizes:

Bag of 50 grs.

Bag of 98 grs.

200g bag


Ingredients: Fresh beef fillets of boneless beef, whole integral oat flakes, extra virgin olive oil, fresh ground garlic, chopped fresh carrots, organic whole wheat flour, beef broth and natural yeast from organic farming.

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