Chicken liver and beetroot biscuit
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Chicken liver and beetroot biscuit

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A colorful and tasty dog ​​biscuit that we often make in our kitchen. There is no other that can match its taste, the fresh livers of almost all the animals (chicken, rabbit, pork, lamb, veal ...) is something that dogs especially love, this makes it one of the most Sold.

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Snack for dogs of fresh livers of chicken and beetroot

With natural yeast from cological farming and fresh beets, we chop and knead all the natural ingredients until a perfect mass is achieved, at the moment you place your Wonderful digestible recipe with natural ingredients from our canine pastries.


Available in 3 packages of different sizes:

order and without using any chemical or processed baking at low temperature until this result is obtained.

Bag of 50 grs.

Bag of 98 grs.

200g bag


Ingredients: Fresh chicken livers, chopped fresh beets, organic whole integral wheat flour, natural yeast from organic farming, extra virgin olive oil and mineral water.

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Chicken liver and beetroot biscuit
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Mis chicos las devoran. No paran quietos hasta que se las doy. Totalmente recomendables.

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