Cookie Bacon and Zucchini
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Cookie Bacon and Zucchini

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One of the most fun and delicious dog biscuits in our adult dogs section for its original format. A digestible recipe for homemade canine pastry. Dog biscuits with one of the flavors that most like dogs, bacon, an animal protein that provides many nutrients and together with the fresh zucchini fill them with natural vitamins.

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Snack for adult dogs with fresh bacon and zucchini

Made at a slow temperature in our oven, the dog biscuits of fresh bacon without salt are a favorite of all dogs. A snack made by hand, like all our products, with selected and fresh ingredients.


Surely they want to repeat!

Available in 3 packages of different sizes:

Bag of 50 grs.

Bag of 98 grs.

200g bag


Ingredients: Fresh bacon, chopped fresh zucchini, organic whole wheat flour,natural yeast from organic farming , cinnamon powder, ground fresh ginger, extra virgin olive oil and homemade beef broth.

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