Chicken with rice cookies
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Chicken with rice cookies

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Low-calorie dog biscuits for four-legged fillers, from our lightweight cookie category to keep the line. Homemade canine homemade confectionary recipe with Chicken and Rice. All a classic of dog food with what we are never wrong, everyone is happy with this combination. A sure hit.

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Low calorie chicken with rice cookies for dogs

Produced with great dedication by our baker and with light ingredients such as whole wheat flour, rice flour or corn flour, as well as many vegetables and some low-And also with special attention to the caloric contribution to take care of some of the weight of the gluttons.

One of the favorites of all dogs, there is no dog that resists the taste of chicken!


Available in 3 packages of different sizes:

Bag of 50 grs.

Bag of 98 grs.

200g bag



Boneless fresh chicken breast, cooked rice, organic whole wheat flour, natural yeast from organic farming, whole oat flakes and mineral water.