Cookie peas and carrot
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Cookie peas and carrot

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Low calorie dog biscuits for the smallest of the house, from our light cookie section. Digestible recipe for canine artisan pastry. The low calorie dog biscuits that most like all dogs, with peas and natural carrots.

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Biscuits for pea and carrot dogs, 100% natural and low in calories

Made with a lot of affection and with light ingredients like rice flour or corn flour, as well as many vegetables and some low-calorie protein, to take a little care of the of the weight of the gluttons They will love it !!!


Available in 3 packages of different sizes:

Bag of 50 grs.

Bag of 98 grs.

200g bag



Natural peas, fresh carrot, ecologic and integral whole wheat flour, natural organic farming yeast, cinnamon powder, ground ginger, extra virgin olive oil and homemade beef broth.