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Monthly packs dog biscuits

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New MONTHLY PACKS with the best selection of our most valued Dog Biscuits. We prepare each month an exclusive PACK with 5 of our best VARIETIES.

Choose the option you prefer, for 1 MONTH, for 2 MONTHS, etc. And leave us the job of selecting your best dog biscuits.

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We prepare a pack every month with 5 of our dog biscuits

With fresh boneless chicken, fresh veal, salmon, tuna or turkey, combining the best homemade dog biscuits from our canine confectionery, the best way to reward them

A dog food different from the usual feed, dog food made manually and without any artificial ingredient, with many quality proteins, coming only from fresh products like chicken, veal, turkey or various fishes like Tuna, salmon or hake. Mixed with different fresh vegetables, rice and fruits. Including quality whole flours, organical yeasts and always fresh-made..naturally with a truly healthy dog food. handmade dog´s food with a brutal taste and only with fresh products.

Our dog food in the form of cookies or snack is really natural and provides components beneficial to their health thanks to healthy and natural food, like the one used the whole lifetime, but without ingredients harmful to dogs, such as salt or the sugar.

Each month we send you a PACK (depending on how long you have chosen) and each pack includes: 5 varieties in 1 PACK OF 500 GRS. (100 grams of each variety - 48-60 cookies)

(If your dog is allergic to some food indicates it in your order and we will elaborate your pack as you wish)

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Monthly packs dog biscuits
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