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Discover our varieties of dehydrated food for dogs, the best feed for your pet

At Cookieswil we have designed a complete range of dehydrated feed for all types of dogs in collaboration with nutrition specialists. This is a new concept of canine food, formulated by veterinarians and nutritionists specialized in dogs. If you still do not know this revolution in the concept of canine quality feed, we may tell you that it is the most natural and the best that you can offer your dog today, with the highest quality protein Market.

We have multiple varieties of food for all types of dogs with all kinds of needs:

Menú pescado blanco sin cereales
Menú deshidratado de Pollo y lino
pollo prueba
Mix de Frutas y Verduras deshidratadas
Mix de Verduras deshidratadas
Dog food Chicken and Egg
Dog Food sample pack
Dog Food 60% Chicken
CookiesWil vessel measuring

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How do we make our feed?

Dehydration applied to food is a millennial process, as Roman civilization used it, exposing vegetables and other ingredients to the sun. At present, through high technology techniques, the water contained in food is completely eliminated, so that more time is kept in perfect condition, while maintaining all its nutrients.

This process of dehydration is carried out at low temperature, to conserve enzymes, proteins, carbohydrates and other nutrients. We incorporate only high quality raw materials, always based on the national product. No preservatives or coloring. Only noble parts of meats, fish, vegetables and fruits.

Chicken is one of the most suitable animal proteins for a dog. For its low contribution of fat and because it is perfect for a good digestion and assimilation of nutrients and, of course, because they love its flavor. But since not only chicken or protein is fed to a dog, we also include various percentages of carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables like: rice, carrot, apple, spinach and other high quality ingredients.

Then, in your daily consumption, we only have to add some water to make this dehydrated food become the tasty, tasty and nutritious food of our pets.

Comida deshidratada para perros


Benefits of Dehydrated Food


Invest in your dog's health

This type of food achieves very remarkable improvements in the preventive health of our dogs. Especially throughout the digestive process. We are in daily contact with veterinary clinics throughout Spain and every day hundreds of cases of dogs with stomach problems, digestive problems, intolerances, allergies, etc ... and many of these symptoms arise due to poor diet.

Cookieswil food also improves the skin and hair of all dogs that consume it habitually; You'll notice right away.

Comida natural y de calidad para perros