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Dog Food Lamb

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Dehydrated Lamb meat for dogs all ages and also for smaller size or with less activity. This variety of feed is HYPOALERGENIC and is specially designed for dogs with allergies to other proteins such as poultry meats: Chicken, Turkey, etc. Perfect for dogs with allergies or intolerances to other meats such as beef or pork.

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Natural food for dogs: dehydrated lamb feed

Cookieswil provides high quality protein and natural nutrition, including all the nutrients your dog needs.
  • Meal with 100% natural lamb
  • High quality feed for dogs and fit for human consumption
  • It contains dehydrated lamb obtained from noble parts of the Lamb without bones.
  • Contains Omega 3 and 6.
  • Contains dehydrated egg obtained from whole fresh eggs (yolk and clear).
  • Contains rice, fruits and vegetables
  • Lamb feed with no additives, no preservatives, no coloring, no flavoring and no animal by-products
  • Premium quality food made with natural ingredients dehydrated in human food plants, by means of a low temperature process between to conserve enzymes, proteins and all the nutrients.
  • Made in SPAIN by canine and veterinary nutritionists.
  • Flour free and gluten free.
FROM 1 A 5 KGS.20-65 grs.25-90 grs.
FROM 6 A 15 KGS.65-165 grs.85-200 grs.
FROM 16 A 25 KGS.155-225 grs.185-310 grs.
FROM 26 A 35 KGS.215-295 grs.300-380 grs.
FROM 36 A 50 KGS.275-385 grs.380-450 grs.
FROM 51 A 70 KGS.380-525 grs.450-585 grs.
If you have any questions do not hesitate to let us know at


20% Lamb dehydrated
8% Dehydrated whole eggs (yolk and white)
19% Dehydrated rice
15% Potato flakes
34% Dehydrated fruits and vegetables (Apple scales, chopped carrots, chopped spinach, ground beets and spirulina kelp powder)
4% Chia flour sifted seeds (Hispanic Salvia)

20%Lamb dehydrated
8%Dehydrated whole eggs (yolk and white)
19%Dehydrated rice
15%Potato flakes
34%Dehydrated fruits and vegetables (Apple scales, chopped carrots, chopped spinach, ground beets and spirulina kelp powder)
4%Chia flour sifted seeds (Hispanic Salvia)

nutritional analysis

OMEGA 3 (DHA)0,12%
OMEGA 6 (Linoléic)2,9%
ENERGY VALUE (Kcal/kg)3436
 (Analysis performed by Laboratorios Labocor, S.L.)

Benefits of Dehydrated Food

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Dog Food Lamb
4.6 5 1
Les gusta también pero a veces no se lo comen, creo que es porque lleva más alga espirulina que la de pollo.
Dog Food Lamb
4.6 5 1
Les lo comen sin problemas.Buena calidad!
Dog Food Lamb
4.6 5 1
Mis perros se lo comen muy bien.
Dog Food Lamb
4.6 5 1
Bull, mi bodeguero, suele tener dermatitis constantes. Su problema de piel ha mejorado mucho desde que cambié a Cookies Will.
Dog Food Lamb
4.6 5 1
Lo combino con el del pollo. Sano y equilibrado.
Dog Food Lamb
4.6 5 1
Excelente producto. Natural como el alimento casero. Totalmente recomendable.
Dog Food Lamb
4.6 5 1
Los primeros paquetes que tomó Benson eran los de pollo y huevo. Y le gustaban. El último que compré, este, no se lo acabó, no le gustaba. Benson es un teckel de pelo duro de 1,5 años no especialmente comilón. Saludos,

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