Food for puppies, lactating and pregnant dogs
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Food for puppies, lactating and pregnant dogs

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The best food for your puppy! Dehydrated food for puppies, lactating and pregnant dogs. This variety for its greater contribution of Calcium and nutrients is especially indicated for dogs puppies with a high activity and for dogs in state of gestation or lactation.

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Dehydrated natural food for puppies, lactating and pregnant dogs

Cookieswil provides high quality protein and natural nutrition, including all the nutrients your dog needs.

  • 100% natural High quality feed dehydrated in plants of human feeding, by means of a low temperature process between to conserve enzymes, proteins and all the nutrients.
  • Contains dehydrated chicken obtained from noble parts of fresh chickens (breast and thighs)
  • Contains dehydrated egg obtained from whole fresh eggs (yolk and clear).
  • Contains rice, fruits and vegetables.
  • Contains Omega 3 and 6. High in calcium and phosphorus. No additives, no preservatives, no coloring, no flavoring And no animal by-products
  • Elaborated IN SPAIN by canine and veterinary nutritionists.
  • Flour-free and gluten-free
  • Gluten free and only with 100% natural ingredients.


  • Dehydrated chicken (fresh chicken breast and fresh chicken legs) (38%)
  • Dehydrated whole eggs (yolk and white) (6%)
  • Dehydrated rice (18%)
  • Potato flakes (15%)
  • Dehydrated fruits and vegetables (18%): Apple in scales, chopped carrot, chopped spinach.
  • Chia flour sifted seeds (Salvia hispanica) (5%)


FROM 1 A 5 KGS.20-65 grs.25-90 grs.
FROM 6 A 15 KGS.65-165 grs.85-200 grs.
FROM 16 A 25 KGS.155-225 grs.185-310 grs.
FROM 26 A 35 KGS.215-295 grs.300-380 grs.
FROM 36 A 50 KGS.275-385 grs.380-450 grs.
FROM 51 A 70 KGS.380-525 grs.450-585 grs.



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38%Dehydrated chicken (fresh chicken breast and fresh chicken legs)
6%Dehydrated whole eggs (yolk and white)
18%Dehydrated rice
15%Potato flakes
18%Dehydrated fruits and vegetables (Apple scales, chopped carrot, chopped spinach)
5%Chia flour sifted seeds (Hispanic Salvia)

nutritional analysis


OMEGA 3 (DHA)0,12%
OMEGA 6 (Linoléic)2,9%
ENERGY VALUE (Kcal/kg)3.849


(Analysis performed by Laboratorios Labocor, S.L.)

Benefits of Dehydrated Food

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Food for puppies, lactating and pregnant dogs
5.0 5 1
Les gusta mucho, dan pirivueltas y todo cuando ven el comedero.
Food for puppies, lactating and pregnant dogs
5.0 5 1
Producto de gran calidad, mi mascota dsifruta comiendo y se ha regulado fenomenal a nivel intestinal ya que antes era frecuente la variación en sus heces y ahora esta totalmente regulado. Lo combino dándole una pequeña cantidad de pienso por las mañanas y el alimento Cookies Wil por la noche.
Food for puppies, lactating and pregnant dogs
5.0 5 1
Mi perro tiene problemas digestivos y esta comida le sienta genial, además le encanta, se relame con cara de felicidad. Lo recomiendo totalmente.
Food for puppies, lactating and pregnant dogs
5.0 5 1
Me ha gustado mucho el pienso, le sienta muy bien a mi perrita, estaba muy delicada de la barriga y desde que lo toma le ha ido muy bien, las deposiciones son compactas y tienen buen color. Lo que no he notado es disminución de las mismas... hace tres veces al día.

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